Meet Victorio

My name is Victorio Gutierrez and I am running for LAUSD Board of Education. Throughout my career in education my goal has been to help students identify their dream and provide for them the tools and guidance needed for them to make it a reality. I believe that our students possess the potential to be the pillars of our community: doctors, teachers, preachers, actors, plumbers, and anything else they aspire to be. However, without a solid foundation to foster their growth through education we are instead left with a field of unfulfilled dreams.

We must strive to fulfill the promise that every student will be equipped with the tools needed to become future leaders and trailblazers.To be able to read, write, communicate, and grasp mathematics before transitioning from elementary school is fundamental in ensuring that students will succeed in their educational endeavors and beyond. Standardized tests indicate that most of our students are scoring below grade level and as such face an uphill battle to receiving a university degree.

It is therefore imperative that LAUSD’s high school diploma represent a fulfillment  of the promises made to our diverse communities and not just a lifelong reminder of a broken promise.

"Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter."
Martin Luther King Jr.

Why I'm Running

I believe every school should be a community school that is receptive to the emerging needs of the community at large. When I was a teacher for 30 years I saw the need to nurture and motivate the student population. As a school dean I endeavored to motivate parents. Lastly as a school principal, I saw the need to motivate teachers, custodians and staff.

Now I want to serve on the LAUSD school board because we need to motivate the broader community to believe in the power of education. In order to be completely independent, I am not accepting donations or endorsements from anybody. Only someone who is not indebted to the unions or the current political establishment can propose new ideas and create the necessary changes that enact real change.

I don’t need money or political endorsements; I need extraordinary people living ordinary lives to support me. I need people like you! My allegiance will only be to developing a worthy public education that empowers OUR communities. I promise to dedicate the next four years of my life to building a team that will articulate the grievances and service the needs of everyone in board district 5.

Key Issues

Safe environment for learning

I will fulfill the promise of a Safe, Clean, Learning, Working, Welcoming Environment for ALL!

Empower others in the community

I will empower all stakeholders (teachers, parents, students, staff and administrators etc.) to become agents of transformation within their community.

Serve with students in mind

 I promise to always make “Student Centered Decisions.”


District 5 deserves 25-1 classes

I pledge to reduce all secondary classes to a 25-1 ratio.


Protect and advocate for at-risk students

I will advocate for services, programs and resources for our Homeless Youth, Dreamers, LGBTQ, Foster Care, Special Needs Students, Probation, at-risk Gifted and Talented.

Expand job and internship opportunities

I will advocate to expand internship opportunities for students to increase job opportunities for youth.

Prepare students for the real world

I will advocate for programs that will prepare our students for the transition into adult life. The students of District 5 deserve more opportunities to learn vocational skills and qualify for jobs that meet their needs and are fulfilling.